Need something a little different?
Graywacke does custom design work too.

What makes Graywacke Power Equipment Products different…

Graywacke manufactures portable power equipment products including NATO slave cables, connectors, battery maintenance, charging systems, and related accessories Do you need something slightly different? We also build custom solutions to meet the needs of the military. We have the versatility and expertise to deliver custom integrations and design solutions for today’s military. Connect with us to develop the portable power solutions you need.

Increase Reliability

Graywacke power equipment and products are designed for durability, providing rugged, convenient, and high quality performance.

Minimize Weight

Reduce the weight of a load with lightweight cable connectors.  Make more room for what matters – more ammunition, food, and people.

Reduce Cost

Every penny counts.
Graywacke provides cost effective power solutions for any application.