6 essential powered items and how to keep them running if you lose power.

Most people with a sense of preparedness know to always keep the basics on hand: water and nonperishable food to sustain the family for at least three days, a first aid kit, and essential supplies like candles, matches, a knife. However, with the help of modern electrical conveniences you have grown accustomed to using daily, you can stay safer, and more comfortable, for longer.

With a NATO power cable, you can keep these items powered even under a power failure or even a grid collapse. NATO cables were originally designed as connectors for nearly all, NATO, US and foreign military vehicles, such as Humvees, LMTV’s, Unimog’s, D-9’s and even Military Generators.  Most of this equipment can be owned by private citizens who desire a rugged option in a survival situation.  Today these power cables are a safe way to quickly access power from the 24-volt Battery banks which power these types of vehicles.

What are some of the items you can power with this type of setup?

  • Fan or A/C Unit. Extreme heat often coincides with drought, wildfire, flooding, and other natural disasters. Keep your body temperature at a healthy level, and survive soaring temperatures, by accessing a fan or portable A/C unit via the NATO slave cable.
  • Inverters. By changing DC power from a battery into conventional AC power, an inverter can ensure your continued use of electrical devices, such as lights, coffee makers, and other small appliances. A NATO cable is your key to unlocking the power of an inverter, which in turn can power countless other devices.
  • Pumps/Filters. While it is always a good idea to keep plenty of water on hand for emergencies, those gallons can go fast. When supplies run out, you can access clean water from other sources with pumps and filters. A NATO cable connection can be your source to the most important life-saving item on your list.
  • Water Heaters. Trying to bathe with frigid water–or dealing with nothing more than ice–can make winter conditions nearly impossible to survive. A water heater is a must for extended time off the grid.
  • Cell Phones.  A disaster is no time for Candy Crush, but it is time for accessing emergency services, loved ones, weather, news, and maps. If your cell phone seems like a lifeline now, imagine how you might need it during a catastrophe. With a NATO cable, you can keep your phone charged.
  • Emergency Lighting. Whether you are signaling for help or reading a map, A portable light source is a critical tool during a disaster situation.  Accessing power from vehicle using a NATO cable is a fast, safe and simple way to power your light source.

For access to these essential items, a Graywacke Interconnect power cable is a must-have in your emergency tool kit.  Browse these products for more information: