About Graywacke

Graywacke specializes in custom integration and design solutions for today’s military. It’s our goal to develop products that provide reliable performance, reduce cost, and minimize waste. We set ourselves apart by providing exceptional service and unparalleled product support. Whether your interested in our

  • power products
  • NATO cables
  • custom solution
  • compact connectivity products

you can be confident that it has been designed to provide rugged, convenient, and reliable performance. Simply tell us what you would like to accomplish and Graywacke will develop the solution.

The value we bring to you.

  • Custom Solutions. Our unique design approach allows our team to analyze, design and prototype custom solutions for our clients quickly
  • Small batch production. If you require just a few or a few thousand, our unique production set-up can deliver a cost effective solution for you.
  • Made in USA. At Graywacke we have a profound appreciation for our country and the military personnel who serve it. We pride ourselves in providing US made products.
  • Product support after the sale. At Graywacke, our commitment to our customers doesn’t end after the sale. We’re proud of our products and know that any problem can adversely affect the mission. We are committed to quickly resolving any and all issues that may arise.
  • Cost Effective Solutions. Graywacke strives to design products that provide cost saving advantages for our customers.

How we started.

During the Fall of 1999, twin brothers Scott and Mark Huffman were wrapping up their college educations at The Ohio State University, when they were presented with a unique opportunity.

The Marine Corps was looking for a solution to provide alternative power to their radio units, without using the expensive disposable batteries.

Mark and Scott began the thought process on a restaurant napkin over lunch. They then coordinated their efforts with a company from Texas and in the winter of 1999, heated by a pot belly stove, started their initial production order in an abandoned chicken coop at their Grandparents property in central Ohio.

“The Boys”, as some in the industry now refer to them, offered a simple, low cost and highly effective solution that saved the Marine Corps a lot of money and larger orders soon followed. By focusing on these same principles, it was not long before they relocated their facility 3 times until now 21 years later, they landed where Graywacke Inc. currently resides, in a 33,000 sq. ft. facility in Lexington, Ohio, the town they grew up in.

Graywacke, what’s in the name?

Graywacke Rock Sample

Many people have asked where the name Graywacke even came from. The simple answer is the dictionary.

While we were at their grandparents asking for the use of the chicken coop, we realized that all our efforts had been focused on finding a solution to the Marine Corps power supply issues. We suddenly realized that we probably should have a company name.

We grabbed a dictionary flipped through the pages with eyes closed and a finger landed on Graywacke.  Graywacke is also known as a sandstone recognized by its dark color, hardness, and streaks of quartz, feldspaer and other rock fragments embedded in a fine clay matrix.

That what Graywacke offers. A simple, rock solid, and highly effective solution to your power challenges.